Another BWC ops night

Each night this week the outfit is running ops, as part of graduating their new class of leaders.  These guys apparently go through this intense three week training course in leading squads, platoons and the entire outfit.  The course culminates in a week of ops to give them all a shot at the big time.

Tonight we were on Esamir and it was AWESOME.  I had a blast, once again.  And on the plus side, I was allowed to run infiltrator without restrictions (or at least my squad lead lost track of me and didn’t notice when I strayed a little from the group).  This is what happens when you unlease a Mustarde onto a dense target rich environment.

Instead of more words (I know I tend to type a lot on this blog), I’ll leave you with video and pictures.  Take notice at the end of the video how I use the knife to finish people off.  I am about 80 kills from knife auraxium and it’s not because I’m trying to medal it.  It’s because pistol/knife is a very potent combo for the infiltrator and gives you an incredibly fast TTK point-blank.  Combined with the cloak and great tower mobility,  you can be a machine.

Chainblade streak


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