AAR – 4/9/2013

So I’m currently on day 6 of my membership in the Black Widow Company.  And wow, do these guys live up to their reputation!  So far I’ve participated in two training sessions (which I find very interesting to have in a video game), a few unofficial ops and tonight, my first big official operation.  I was blown away.

We formed up on Indar and got into squads.  Our PL was on the ball and sent advance scouts to plan our attack pattern, and shortly after we were in galaxies dropping near mesa com and other sites on the east side of the map.  We made it up to Rashnu, and hit a brick wall of VS that we couldn’t break.  I had pulled a max and got a few ribbons for the mercies so that was cool at least.  We then went down to Tawrich to try and re-secure the tech plant but shortly afterwards Indar lagged out so badly that SOE rebooted it.

BWC runs very tight operations – I can tell the squad/platoon leads, the operation leader and special ops teams are all coordinated and working together intelligently.  The grunts, of which I was one of, follow orders, work together, pay attention to the battlefield, reporting intel up the chain.  It’s unlike anything I have participated in since starting PS2.

There are downsides to this type of organization and structure, at least from my perspective.  The most difficult thing for me last night was to join squad, in my CQC/SMG load out and be told that only HA’s and medics were allowed – there were two higher ranking guys designated as engies and one designated infiltrator.  I get it.  You want your squads to be designed for specific tasks and you need people to run the correct “fit”.  It’s like joining a fleet in EVE Online, where the FC (fleet commander) will call for specific types of ships and fittings.  Just because it makes sense doesn’t mean I liked it!  I tried to be an obedient recruit (hell, I just joined the outfit)… I pulled out my HA with the Decimator and Uppercut for a while, then I tried using the Medic with NS-11A and res grenades.

It was so frustrating.  I wanted to scream “I’M AN INFILTRATOR!  I SHOOT HEADS 4U OK?!?!”.  At one point we were pinned down in a canyon by some smart Vanu dudes on a cliff.  All I needed was to mossie drop and pick them off.  Then… finally… the SL granted me permission to use my infiltrator for a few minutes.  I nearly giggled like a girl as I suited up at a terminal and got to work.  I have no idea if anyone noticed.  All I know is I immediately started crushing it and it felt GOOD.

Sadly, Indar rebooted, we went to Amerish and I was told to get back into uniform (HA or medic).  I obeyed, trying to be a good recruit.  We actually went on to have an amazing AMAZING operation, nearly capping the continent (going for triple lock on Mattherson).  Best of all, I could tell that the outfit was making a big difference out there – if we weren’t dropping and capping bases, resecuring outposts, etc – no one else was there to make up for it.  We might have been able to cap Amerish except it was getting late and we concluded the op so people could get to bed.  At the end of the op, I was given permission once again to be infiltrator and pulled out my TSAR-42, ran up to the tower and went on a nice little streak, killing about 40 VS using my typical tower assault.

So my impressions?  The outfit is awesome, and the big operations are unlike anything I have ever experienced, even in my time with e911.  It’s not easy following orders, especially when you “think” you know what is best.  But I understand that it is important, and if I wanted to keep free-styling as an infiltrator, I didn’t have to join a big outfit.  I can’t wait until my next op with the guys.

But even more than that, I can’t wait to move up the internal ranks of BWC and get promoted to their infiltrator detachment.  Then I can run around with my bolt action laughing like a maniac while everyone else hides behind cover!

One last thought about outfit operations (this includes almost every outfit op I have ever been in since starting PS2) – If you are trying to be combat effective and take objectives, your XP/hr, and potentially your KDR will be DISMAL.  I ran with BWC for over 2 hours and went ~90/28.  Yeah, it’s a good ratio, but that’s nearly half of the kills I’m used to getting.  All the time capping empty bases so you can make it to the big fight, or sitting in a sunderer on the way to a waypoint… thats time I normally am spending perched near a high-density fight.  But I am not playing the game for stats, and tonight felt really good.  I can run around farming up my BR in my off time.


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