My Planetside Experience to date

So in the last post I shared a little bit about how I got started in the game – as a total noob with no background on the game, or how it was played. I thought this next post should expand on my experience since I will be referring to it a lot in this blog.

Early days:
Right after starting PS2, I found an outfit to roll with called DSAR – Drop Shock and Roll. We were a small outfit, at our peak fielding about 3 full squads, but usually just 1 squad. Coms were relaxed and operations were chill. To date, my time in DSAR was the most fun I’ve had in game. SolTech was still young, the game had a lot of people trying it out, and our dynamic was perfect. They taught me all sorts of great little gems, like how to spend certs, what a Sunderer was (and how to cert the AMS ability), and how to hold shift to breath-hold before sniping (I went 3 weeks before learning that!)  Sadly our founder had to focus on college, and when he left, we eventually fizzled out. I tried two other outfits (to remain unnamed) that weren’t a good fit, until I met JohnnyOmaha and the boys of e911.  I still play regularly with friends I made in DSAR.

SolTech days (pre-merge):
Back in the heyday of SolTech (Dec-Feb), e911 was one of the premier TR outfits on the server, alongside of the HoneyBadgers [HNYB] and some other notables [903], [187w], [1TR]. They took the initiative to bring annihilator squads to our server among other things(SolTech was behind more innovative servers like Mattherson).  Johnny took the lead in organizing a Terran Republic Coalition and we had the most epic night of the server back in February, when all the big outfits got on one teamspeak server – we pop locked indar and came within 1 or two territories of capping the continent… it was truly epic.

I joined e911 as a quiet infiltrator – by then I had already decided this was going to be my specialty. I was convinced from my time in DSAR that this game is best if you chose to specialize in a class before dumping certs all over the place. I had bought a bolt action rifle and was absolutely loving it. However, I still was not very in-tune with how other people played infiltrator. I simply bought the guns, started investing certs, and ran around with my squad trying to kill things. From December into January however, I began to develop my own style of playing. I certed up the suppressor for my bolt action and began finding little nooks to hide in all over auraxis that put me near enemies without being seen. The kills started piling up, and I kept trying to discover more and more ways to become effective at infiltrating.

I discovered a spot on the towers that was pure gold for kill farming (especially before they revamped tower design). This was most effective at the crown, which on SolTech was a 24/7 grindfest no matter who held it. This spot was eventually made public on the forums by others who had found its potential, but for a long time it was my best held secret. It still is a great spot although well known and you can’t sit there for for too long anymore.

SolTech was a smaller server, and we began to suffer from chronic low populations – by the end, it was Indarside all the time, you literally couldn’t find an enemy squad on Esamir, much less a single soul on Amerish (with the exception of the Ultimate Empire Showdown). People on the bigger servers may have coined the term Indarside, but we defined it. That being said, I had a lot of fun playing the game on SolTech. Single outfits could make a difference and by simply coordinating with 6-8 other outfits, we could mass our whole coalition to nearly cap Indar. When Higby announced the merge, I was both sad and excited. I was jealous of Mattherson and all the fights they had, yet I knew we would become small fish in a big pond. If only I knew how true that would become…

Mattherson – present

e911 did not do well in the merge. Server lag, FPS issues and the change in strategy (we kept getting zerged and our leadership didn’t adapt very well) discouraged many members and hurt our leadership and outfit. I recently left for the Black Widow Company, and now proudly hold the rank of “recruit”!  While my old outfit struggled with the merge, I personally have flourished. The big fights, higher population during slow hours and fights taking place on Esamir/Amerish (gasp!), have all been great for me. Mattherson, with its higher population density, also provides a significantly higher selection of stationary targets. Since the merge my kill rate and experience rate has skyrocketed.

Mustarde’s Metagame:

This post is getting a bit long winded, so I will wrap up my story by talking about metagame. No, not the one everyone is asking for on the forums. My Metagame. With GU06 we got service ribbons and alerts – which is a start, however the game lacks a true metagame with objectives that provide meaning to conflict. I’m someone who wants/NEEDS metagame. How have I kept this game fresh, to the point that I play more now than I did when I first started? I created my own challenges and objectives and set out to achieve them. In part, I realized early on that most people thought infiltrators were underpowered and irrelevant on the battlefield – and I wanted to not only prove them wrong, but show people the potential of the class.

My first “achievement” was reaching 10,000 kills with headshots – I celebrated by posting on the forums and encouraging other infiltrators to keep sniping! I started getting to know other dedicated infiltrators who played on other servers and a friend named “Nukabazooka” and I agreed to the next challenge – Auraxium medal for all the primary infiltrator weapons. It took us about a month or more to get there, and amazingly, we finished WITHIN 3 HOURS OF EACH OTHER. This was termed “The Infiltrator Challenge” – which a few others have started working on but no one has achieved yet. It was by far the most interesting time for me as an infiltrator, as I was forced to become good with every weapon, including our pathetic scout rifle, the SOAS-20. Currently I’m approaching 20,000 headshots, and am also working on the knife auraxium (for lulz). No matter what, I will always find something new to push myself to do better, and stay fresh.

I think that summarizes how the first 5 months of Planetside has been for me. With the background stuff out of the way, we can begin talking more about the infiltrator class specifically, weapons, strategy and things that need changing.

Stay Frosty,



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